you have just been murdered

Project Statement

you have just been murdered is an installation consisting of multiple projection-mapped images on a constructed miniature set. This work is an exploration of the external and internal struggles between our outward-facing identities and our psychological deteriorations caused by invisible emotional/physical labor and stress. It also uses digital and analog constructions of light to ruminate on technological advances.

Inspired by the artificiality of the hand-painted backings in the 1960s show The Avengers, the miniature set is also handmade, acting as a projection screen for slowly dissolving images from the show. The stills capture striking moments from The Avengers and are framed in such a way that figures and movements at their edges hint at disruption, mental dissolution, and violence.

The projections show the images slowly falling apart, destroyed both literally and figuratively. The light moves through the inside of the set and is projected onto the other side, representing the hidden and blurred artifacts of our physical and psychological deterioration.

Weaving an ethereal soundscape with re-edited sound clips from Honey West, the first American TV series with a female detective lead, the audio gives voice to the tension of navigating our external voices and internal dialog, immersing the viewer in the unnamed character’s experiences.

Sound design and mix by Rob Steel
Music by Mike Puretz
Dialog from Honey West and images from The Avengers manipulated and edited by Sharon Mooney
Projections using Lightform projector and software (r.i.p.) and streaming radio with Radiolize. Shot with FiLMiC Pro.

Installation views 

Rear projections through the camera obscura in the center of the display.

Stills of images projected onto display.

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