I have always been drawn to beautiful images with a trembling darkness just under the surface.

My obsession began when my mother hung a print of a striking, yet dark and violent, anti-war painting in my childhood bedroom. I had a visceral reaction to the portrayal of the horrors of war in that painting, and I got the same feeling from the Donald Jackson’s illumination across the pages of Ezekiel 37:1-14 in the St. John’sBible

As my eyes moved across the page, I was drawn to the contrasts between death and destruction, light and hope, and felt inspired by the way that they all exist at once. Each element’s dominance shifted depending on where I looked across the work, and my dueling feelings of fascination and fear led to inspiration. I made this installation, interpreting this image through a sculptural process and presenting it in a holographic medium.

Devastation. Temporality.Forgiveness. Compassion. Eternity. Love.

Can they exist without each other?

In Revivification, the hologram references the painting while the translucent image references the memory of the same art. Sound works to transform the work, creating an otherworldly space where all dichotomies breathe together.

In that space, we can visualize love and light. We are not yet able to touch it, but it provides hope and the notion of a place where we can become whole again.

This piece was supported and assisted by my son FT.


Jeremy Hoevenaar is a writer and composer that lives in a rotating barrel with his beautiful family. He is the author of Cold Mountain MirrorDisplacement (American Books) and Our Insolvency (Golias Books). Other writings can be found online at The Brooklyn Rail and TheBeliever. 

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