I'm Sorry I'm Late (2023) 

Project information here.

Revivification (2022) Hologram

Holographic video installation, in collaboration with poet/musician Jeremy Hoevenaar for Icon Animorium exhibit. Holographic Mutoscope conceived of and designed by José Garcia Moreno and David Garden.

Project statement and installation views here.

Helping Amy (2021)

A chance encounter begins a relationship between Amy, a pregnant unhoused teenager and Marla. After Amy gives birth, she tests positive for drugs. Marla steps in to manage the situation. She sequesters Amy and monitors her until she can be tested again. Without her newborn, Amy begins to unravel, trapped in a room; depending on a woman she barely knows who holds her future in her hands.

Featuring Belissa Escobedo, Liza Kate, Sapna Ghandi

Score by Brandon Evans.

Director Statement here, but it contains possible spoilers:

Memory Distrust (2019)

A hologram installation. 

Project statement and additional images found here. 

Yellow Persona (2018)

Description: Yellow Persona is a haunting of the self, a sleepless eternity, a desire to become another. This work explores the physical manifestations of the mind filled with grief and the yearning to transform.

A retelling of the short story the Yellow Wallpaper with images inspired by Bergman's Persona.

Score by Brandon Evans
Cinematography by Charles Swanson

Screenings/Installations: The Driver Lecture Series-Randolph College 2018, CineAutopsia 2018, RPM Festival 2019

Razorcake Magazine Donation Drive Video (2019)

My ode to Hollis Frampton's Surface Tension is embedded in this donation drive promo video for the non-profit print punk rock magazine. 

The Story of Everything  (2018)

Separated as children, Lorraine is on a lifelong, desperate search for her former foster brother. After a tense encounter with a stranger named Marcus, the two embark on a road trip, each searching for something undefinable. Their pasts and their futures blend, time becomes fluid and dream-logic takes over. During their journey, bits of conversation hint at an intimacy, and possibly a subconscious bond. Are they strangers at all? Will they find what they are looking for?
The Story of Everything is a surreal journey where the emotional connection between two children allow them to communicate through fever dreams throughout their lives.
Score by Brandon Evans.

Screenings: The Big Muddy Film Festival (2018), Randolph College Driver Lecture Series (2018), UFVA (2018), Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival (2018), St. Francis College Women's Film Festival (2019), Innuendo Int'l Film Festival (2019)

Reunion (2014)

Memories and perceptions are blurred as Marla revisits her hometown after a personal tragedy and Ian confronts his past obsession with his 'lost love.' As the two face each other, Reunion explores the moments of disconnection between conscience and actions, the moments before regret.

Starring Liza Kate and Joey Klien

Music by Rob Steel

Screenings: UFVA, Portsmouth International Film Festival, International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts, Spotlight Short Film Silver Award

Scarlet (2012)

Scarlet is inspired by Jane Fonda, yoga videos, and sexy aliens. It was created entirely without visual effects or filters, only physical image manipulations. Audio samples culled from Jane Fonda films from the 60’s and 70’s weaved underneath lenticular images of sexpot aliens form a calm and meditative space in which the viewer faces the pluralities of perception.

Music by Mike Puretz

Screenings: Exceedingly Feminine///A Night of Singing Cellists: Experimental Women's Film + Music (2012), Antimatter (2012), Festival of (in)appropriation (2012), Crossroads (2013), Montreal Underground Film Festival (2013), Richmond Radicals (2013)

The Popcorn Kid (2012)

Rebecca Lyon doesn't think she'll have a job next year.

Music by Brandon Evans

Screenings: Strange Beauty Film Festival, 2013; Athens International Film Festival, 2013; Knowing Me, Knowing You screening (NYC) 2013

Horns. Bells. Whistles. (2011)

Meet Dorothy Schultz - a Muay Thai fighter, writer and human resources office worker who spends all of her vacation time driving through the Midwest, fighting in gyms, seedy bars and hotels. This film chronicles the candid conversations, training and fights that take place during the summer of 2010, as she trains to compete for the Amateur World Championship Welterweight title in Des Moines. Providing a glimpse of what it takes to rise through the ranks of female fighters, the film produces frank and often humorous insights into Dorothy’s unique life, passion and personality.

Screenings: Iowa International Documentary Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, and Atlanta Docufest.

Costa Rica (2010)

My travelogue.

Score by Brandon Evans/Ghastly City Sleep Instrumental

There's no reason to go back to Cincinnati (2010)

8mm film was shot.
Six years later, a conversation was recorded.
Seven years after the conversation, the film was re-reshot and re-assembled.

Watching images of a woman in a moment in time, watching the process of the recapturing, the inherent nostalgia of the media is deconstructed, element-by-element. We walk away from the romantic notion of the past.

Screenings: The Takoma Park/Silver Spring Experimental Film Festival, Autumedia

no one wants to eat the parsley (2009)

Part coffee klatch, part baking party, No One Wants To Eat The Parsley” features Meredith, a punk rock baker and bartender, adding the finishing touches to a cake in the kitchen of her busily decorated Brooklyn apartment. While spreading frosting, she uses her unique sense of humor to discuss family and the horrors of aging, but with a happy ending. 

Screenings: EMAF, Milwaukee Underground FF, Montreal Underground FF, Sydney Underground FF, Cucalorus Film Festival

Stone Blind by the Medicine Man (2009)

Dylan asked me to make him a music video and I tried to think of the best/worst idea I could. He went with it.

The Medicine Man's Stone Blind video takes you on a visual, spiritual journey, pitting good against evil, friend against foe. 


VideoArt Festival Miden, Greece, Art Cycle! Index Art Gallery

Automatic (2007/2008) 

Eric is writing a series of letters to a woman he does not know. In
his letters, he purges his secret fantasies in a futile attempt to
take control of his stagnant life. Seda, the object of his 'desire,'
is a chronic writer of complaint letters. As Eric's letters to her
intensify, so do her insecurities and fears, manifesting themselves in
surreal dreams. This world is full of oppositions, conflicting
feelings, and idea systems; as automatic progresses, Eric and Seda
explore their relationship within the self-constructed universe that
they occupy. 

Screenings include: San Antonio Film Festival, Fargo Film Festival, MAGA Film and Video Festival, Nihilist Film Festival, Denver Underground Film Festival, NewFilmmakers, flEXiff 2008, AutuMedia 2008, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, Atlanta Underground Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival, Athens Film and Video Festival

Car Wash (2003)

Where the Road Turns Dark (2001)


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