Director's Statement  for Helping Amy

(Spoilers below)

After having my own child and facing issues after childbirth, I wanted to explore the fates of those with few options, without a support structure, and without access to care.

The film is my emotional response to our structural problems, failed social systems, and hypocrisy towards new mothers. It is an exploration of the power structures  who exploit human needs, hope, and faith.

In my research, I also began reading about Georgia Tann, a child trafficker who, under the guise of running children's’ adoption homes, was stealing children from vulnerable and destitute families, adopting (selling) them to other families, and destroying their records so they could not find their birth families. She is also credited with popularizing adoption in the United States and advocated for sealing birth records, which many states continue to mandate today.

I see this happening again, with families being separated and children being placed in foster care, and adopted away from biological parents with no recourse or information about  their children’s whereabouts. How did we get here?

I  shot this film in late summer 2018, and life and then covid got in the way. I recut the film in  2020. The structural and economic inequities and divides that initially informed this work have become more acute in the years since. I could ask the question, how did we get here, but we all know how.  

My work often focuses on desire, needs, and the human condition. This film points at some evil realities in today’s American society. 

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